Hello plantlover! Welkom to our marketplace.
Here is some info about us

We love plants and not just regular plants. We are always sourcing for the most exclusive species.
We select our vendors based on criteria like: ethical sourcing and eco-friendly packaging.

A huge selection of exclusive plants
A community of plant lovers & growers
Growers and plant lovers united

What Makes This Marketplace so Special?

We only sell rare and exclusive houseplants. From grower to customer. You will always find the finest selection of rare houseplants. Our growers are close to their production and have extensive knowledge about their plants.

Our Team

Meet our amazing team. We are here to build a community for plant lovers. We specialize in rare and exclusive species. Do you want to join us?

I am here to share my love for rare plants with the community.

                          CEO & Founder

As a Marketing Manager I try to reach all the plant lovers out there.

                             Marketing Manager

We are building an online community for plant-addicts together. Want to join?


Want to Become a Vendor?

If you want to apply to become a vendor you can apply by email. Please drop us an email: vendor@monsteramania.com

If you want to become a vendor you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You grow rare & exclusive species
  • You offer quality customer support
  • You care about our planet
  • You ship fast
  • Your packaging is eco-friendly and secure

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