1. Buyer Policy

MarketPlace by Monstera Mania puts buyer and a seller in contact

When you buy on our Marketplace, you buy directly from the seller. This means you do not buy from Markplace by Monstera Mania.

You understand that Marketplace by Monstera Mania is not the seller.

MarketPlace by Monstera Mania is in no case responsible for the sellers content, description, price, products pictures, and other.

All sellers have their own shop policies, shipping methods, delivery time, etc.

MarketPlace by Monstera Mania can not be held responsible for any damage caused by the seller or buyer.

If in any case you would like to report a seller or buyer for any kind of violation, you can contact support@monsteramania.com.

MarketPlace by Monstera Mania will investigate and eventually ban the seller or buyer.

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